Rates & Charges

Learn to drive safely at competitive rates and chargesWe offer competitive rates and charges on Vehicle-On-Road Test (VORT) & Log-Book driving lessons, in dual controlled manual and automatic cars. We cater for all age groups and we also offer training for people who currently hold a licence but would like to expand their skills. (ie someone who has always driven an automatic car and would like to learn to drive a manual car.)

In addition to driving training, we offer theory lessons and car awareness training which includes checking tyre pressure, changing tyres, checking water and oil and changing light globes.

Charges & Rates

Learner Drivers (VORT lessons and logbook)

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60 minute lesson $65.00 *
90 minute lesson $95.00 *


60 minute lesson $75.00 *
90 minute lesson $110.00 *

Driving tests

Practical driving test $150.00 (NOT INCLUDING CAR HIRE) *

Special services

Theory Lessons $45.00
Car Awareness Training $45.00

Disclaimer: Prices accurate as of 20-01-2018, but are subject to change without prior notice.

* Also available as a Gift Voucher

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Discount voucher for new students